Biomechanical Assessment

A big part of our passion at Fluid Movement Podiatry is the analysis of the body as a complete unit.  We are fascinated how all the joints, muscles and parts of the body relate and in particular work together.  This form of assessment is called a biomechnical assessment. Given the foot is only one element of the amazing body system we have, we need to look at the body as a holistic structure to ensure we identify the cause and can determine the most specific treatment options for our patient’s root problems’.   By taking a holistic approach at Fluid Movement Podiatry we are better equipped to diagnose and treat conditions to ensure a long-term benefit rather than just a short-term fix.


Biomechanical assessments involve a number of key elements and tests that are used to obtain a clear overview of the body’s movement behaviour, restrictions and possible compensations that are taking place.  The results of a biomechanical assessment are used to generate a diagnosis and treatment plan.  The different elements that make up a thorough biomechanical assessment include:

     – Joint range of motion testing

     – Muscle strength testing

     – Static postural assessment

     – Dynamic assessment (walking/running analysis)

     – Functional testing (review the body’s ability to perform certain movements)

     – Flexibility testing (muscle elasticity)


When you come to see us it’s a great idea to bring a pair of shorts to allow us to assess your mechanics efficiently.

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