Corrective Nail Surgery


Ingrown toe nails are a common problem.  They are painful, unsightly and often expose you to a greater risk of infection.  If treated early, an ingrown toe nail can end up being a very minor issue which clears up without any ongoing concern.  However, for some people this issue can become a chronic problem.  Quite often these people have had some form of trauma to their nail, which may have been caused by abnormal pressure from different footwear, playing sport, poor cutting technique or simply an involuted (very curved) nail that is difficult to manage.  In these cases, further intervention/treatment may be required to ensure the problem is addressed both in the short and long-term.


Corrective nail surgery is a minor procedure performed under local anaesthetic.  It generally involves the removal of the small problematic section of nail, to ensure long-term comfort is achieved as well as retain the overall aesthetics of the remaining nail.

This procedure is generally referred to as a Partial Nail Avulsion, however in very extreme cases we have to remove the whole nail, which is referred to as a Total Nail Avulsion.


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