Diabetes Management

At Fluid Movement Podiatry we are actively involved in the assessment, management and treatment of those who have been diagnosed with Diabetes.


Diabetes can have a broad effect on the body as a whole, and in particular the feet.  It is important to have a thorough Diabetes foot assessment on a regular basis to ensure your ongoing foot health.  People with Diabetes are more at risk of complications, including nerve damage and circulation impairment.


At Fluid Movement Podiatry we will undertake a detailed assessment, which reviews:

      - Vascular status (blood flow/circulation)

      - Neurological status (nerve sensation in the feet)

      - Skin health

      - Nail health

      - Footwear assessment

      - Weight-bearing assessment (balance and foot pressures)

      - Ongoing education


As part of the overall and long-term management of our patients, we provide feedback and assessment results to your doctor’s and other health care professionals to keep everyone informed and ensure a more holistic health care program.


Prevention is the key to the long-term management of any diabetic foot complications.  Therefore, early detection through regular check-ups is one of the vital ways to ensure your feet and body stay healthy and active.


Please feel free to contact the practice for further information on the role we can play in the management of Diabetes.

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