General Foot Care

Sometimes what seems to be a small problem can often be the most annoying.

When load is placed on the foot, it can cause friction and pressure across the foot. When this happens, the body often responds by increasing the thickness of the skin, therefore producing both calluses and corns.  The consequence of this is the skin loses its natural elasticity, which causes pain and ultimately can lead to skin break down as it reduces the blood flow to this area of the foot. We at Fluid Movement Podiatry offer general foot care for anyone who may have difficulty in attending to their own foot health.  Comfortable feet are important for ongoing mobility and falls prevention; we offer a comprehensive service to ensure you get the right advice and treatment to keep you on your feet.


Common conditions we regularly treat are:


- Ingrown toe nails – ( further reading ‘Corrective Nail Surgery‘)

- Thickened or irregular nails

- Discoloured nails

- Involuted nails – very curved shaped nail

- Corns

- Calluses

- Chill blains

- Skin complaints (fungal/tinea, psoriasis, hyperhydrosis, pitted keratolysis, etc. )

- Warts (Verruca pedis lesions)

- Skin break downs (ulcerations)

- Blisters

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