Frequently Asked Questions...

Fluid Movement Podiatry is a fully registered health provider for Podiatry based services,  open to all age groups.  It offers a comprehensive list of Podiatry services in Melbourne,  in particular the surrounding community of  Heidelberg, Eaglemont, Ivanhoe, Rosanna, Viewbank and Bulleen.

All Fluid Movement Podiatrists are registered with the Podiatry Board of Australia and are members of the Australian Podiatry Association.  We are able to treat and manage referrals from a broad range of referrers.





Some frequently asked questions…


Can I claim my treatment through my private health fund?

Yes.  Fluid Movement Podiatry has access to direct health fund claims via HICAPS facilities.  This allows on the spot claiming for those that have an eligible health fund policy.
We recommend you contact your health fund provider prior to your consultation to see what eligibility you have to claim a rebate for Podiatry services.


Do I need a referral to see a Podiatrist?

No. However Medicare, DVA, TAC and Worksafe patients will require a referral via their doctor.


Am I able to use my Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) card to see a Podiatrist?

Yes.  If your a Gold card holder, DVA will cover all Podiatry based expenses.  This will require a referral from your doctor prior to your appointment.  Please feel free to contact the clinic to gain all necessary information for your referral
If your a white or green card holder, you still maybe eligible to a full rebate, however this is determined by your doctor and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs prior to your appointment.  Please contact DVA to find out more.


Is my Podiatry appointment covered under Medicare ?

Medicare can sometimes be used for Podiatry consultations.  If you have chronic or complex medical conditions, such as Diabetes or Rheumatoid Arthritis, you may be eligible to be placed on an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Plan.  This entitles you to be able to claim with Medicare.  The EPC is arranged by your doctor and referral made to Fluid Movement Podiatry.


What should I bring to my appointment?

Ideally we would like to see the footwear you generally wear.  This could include sports shoes, work footwear, casual shoes.

Any  scans that you may have had ( including x-rays, ultrasounds, MRI etc), plus any form of referral letter you may have from your doctor or other health professional.
If possible a pair of shorts can be very handy if we need to assess your posture and  gait pattern.  It helps us assess your feet, knees, hips and lower back a little easier.



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