Our Philosophy


At Fluid Movement Podiatry we see every body as unique.  The feet and legs are just one piece of a very well-engineered system.  Therefore, when we assess someone we believe it’s important to assess their body as ‘one’.

Fluid Movement Podiatry – as the name suggests –  is all about optimising the bodies movement, to ensure it’s as comfortable and efficient as possible.  We approach our assessment and treatments looking at the body as a whole and in doing so are better able to identify the origins of a problem.  This broader approach helps to improve our patients’ outcomes both in the short and long-term.

We offer the most up-to-date evidence-based treatments.  We like to give our patients the power of knowledge, taking the time to explain each person’s complaint.  We believe that with this knowledge our patients  have a greater ability to take charge of their recovery and work with us to gain a positive outcome.


Please feel free to contact us at (03) 9457 7474 or see the additional information on our website to gain a deeper understanding of how we may help you.

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